Mobile Bar for Weddings

Have you heard of a mobile bar? Mobile bars are the perfect way to bring a little whimsy to your wedding or next party! If you’re loving the idea of parking a party right there at your reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower—all of’ em!—then get excited. We searched high and low to bring you the absolute cutest mobile bars from all over. One perk to bars on wheels? They travel! Mobile bars literally bring the fun to you: wine, beer, champagne, cocktails, and mocktails.
As pretty much everyone knows, wedding guests come to the wedding to celebrate a couple’s union. Still, they stay for—and, hopefully, rave about—the food and drinks. (Mostly the drinks.) Whether you had a cash bar or open bar, whether you had top-shelf liquor or the stuff in plastic bottles, whether your signature drinks were poorly named and made with too much mixer—you get the idea. So you’ve really got to wow them in this department. If not with a fancy bartender and a delicious drinks menu, try spicing things up with a mobile bar. Or, as with most of our picks below, you can spring for all three.
A mobile bar is exactly what it sounds like: A stocked bar (bartender usually included) that brings the party wherever you are. This is especially important if you’re getting married in a space not made expressly for large events, like a park or the backyard of your childhood home. Your caterer might be equipped to handle this for you, but for couples who take the drinks very seriously, having a separate vendor just for the bartending is something you should at least explore.
Some perks of adding a mobile bar to your day-of plans: festive structures (as opposed to a simple bar top and or table), music, and even photo booths. In this way, a mobile bar can handle some of the fun little details that will make your wedding stand out for you and your guests. Even if it’s just to drive home the overall aesthetic you’re going for (see converted vintage trailers from Road Soda and Silvercloud), a mobile bar is a great addition to the reception, whether your wedding is booze-forward or not.

Bartending Services for Weddings

Sacramento Beer Rentals has been the leader in bartending and event services since 2006. Our bartenders are experts and can provide bar service to any party size. All staff is fully certified, trained, and insured with both general and liquor liability. Our team can handle all aspects of full-service bar services, including unique drink designs, support for alcohol orders, or ordering and supporting liquor. We also provide the equipment necessary for your bar. This includes a portable bar and supplies, such as ice, sodas, mixers and garnishes, cups, and napkins.
This package includes Liquor Liability Insurance for the Bartenders and a Portable Bar with Linens, Coolers, and Straws. Water, Mixers, Juices, Soda, Garnish, Ice…Lots of Ice.
The package includes a bartender, wine key opener, bottle opener, and spill mat.
The team at Sacramento Beer Rentals will help you place your order for alcohol and recommend the brands and quantities you require to host your event. We will deliver all your alcohol from our suppliers and then return it to you. Get in touch with us today to place your order for drink!
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Sacramento Beer Rentals comes fully insured, which is a huge advantage in an unfortunate event. Enjoy the party without worrying about anything.
Sacramento Beer Rentals Bartending prides itself on offering the best service. Professionally dressed bartenders arrive at your event ready and waiting with the necessary equipment and garnish.
You are very welcome! Congratulations! We take pride in creating the wedding memories you’ve always wanted Sacramento Beer Rentals bartending service. We will make your wedding memorable for all of your friends. It is an honor to share our life experiences with you and your loved ones.
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Sacramento Beer Rentals’ fun and experienced bartenders are skilled in creating delicious custom cocktails to suit your event. Sacramento Beer Rentals is committed to providing excellent customer service so that you have more time for your event.
Sacramento Beer Rentals. Professional mobile bartending services and beverages catering is provided to Sacramento Region and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide high levels of customer satisfaction at affordable rates. Bartenders are highly trained professionals who can create exceptional drinks and provide beverage service for all occasions. Sacramento Beer Rentals. Sacramento Beer Rentals. can offer all-inclusive services.
Our bar staff is experienced and can handle everything from corporate events to wedding receptions. This will allow you to focus on the fun with your friends!

Bar Packages for Weddings

No matter how many guests drink, almost all receptions include a bar. The options available can be overwhelming when planning your wedding. Do you prefer an open bar or a cash bar? Are you looking to purchase a package, or do you choose to pay per drink? What about signature cocktails? We spoke to Stacy Cinderglass, an expert on bar choices.
While bar packages will be charged a flat rate per person, they can often offer a better deal than a package. The hosts are also informed about the costs upfront. There are no surprises at the conclusion.
Cinderglass says that open bars usually include spirits as well as beer or wine. It all comes down to your budget and the needs of your group.
There are many ways that a wine and beer bar can be made more sophisticated. If you’re feeling adventurous, some wine can be poured in excess. A wine pairing dinner is a great option, especially for intimate events. There have been some fantastic weddings where beer and wine were all the rage, but you can’t miss out on the spirit.
Some couples decide to avoid alcohol entirely for their weddings, whether for cultural or religious reasons. It will save you a lot of money to serve only non-alcoholic beverages. While some hosts may not allow alcohol to be served, they might allow guests to have a drink. Cinderglass says that Cinderglass has witnessed a casual wedding where sparkling cider was served as toasts, but the guests could bring their own alcohol.
A cash bar allows guests to pay for their drinks at home, much like they would in a restaurant or bar. A cash bar saves hosts money but can also set the tone of the event. Guests will need to pay for their drinks, as well as to tip and start a tab. This can lead to slow service and long queues. Cinderglass says that cash bars work best when most people aren’t drinking, but some guests might want to have a drink. This way, they have the choice, but the event isn’t a focus point.
Hosts need to remember that in some places, guests may have to pay for their drinks. However, there might be a charge for staffing the bar. It all depends on where the venue is located.
Our beverage packages are perfect for any event. Seagram’s and Dewars brand beverages will provide exceptional cocktails to your event. Do you want something more than just ordinary beverages for your next event? Our Martini Bar offers Cosmos, Appletini, and Dirty Martinis, as well as Sea Blue Martinis. You can also choose from imported or domestic beers and wines as well as specialty drinks. We have many standard mixers available. Art Catering & Events can bring life to your next event.
Service for Client-Provided Bar Full Bar Setup: $3.00 per Person, Minimum 50. Include Mixers: Coke and Diet Coke. Sprite, Tonic Water. Minimum 50 people. Ginger-Ale. Cranberry, Grapefruit. Pineapple. Orange Juices. Includes Bar Equipment: Ice Bucket, Scoops, Cork Screw, Beer Opener, Pitchers, Stirs

Bar Catering for Weddings

After you have decided on your menu, it is time to think about your drinks. Depending on the venue you have booked, the way alcohol is served at the wedding will depend on the foodservice. You will need to buy your bar packages from the venue or full-service caterer if you have booked them. You’ll be able to choose from many more choices if your venue allows for DIY. Decide how much alcohol you’d like to drink at your wedding reception.
The average couple spends 20% of their monthly budget at the bar. You can choose the bar service that suits your budget. You will likely book the bar service through your caterer if you have a larger budget. You can save money if your budget is less or you are looking to do some DIY.
Prices will vary depending on your location, when you are there, what time it is, and the caterer. A caterer will offer a package that includes a bar if you have booked them for the wedding. It is usually per head and has a minimum of 3-4 hours.
For a package of bar packages, caterers may charge $15-20 per head in some places. The average hourly rate for caterers in larger cities is between $20 and $30. Bar packages in the most expensive cities like New York or San Francisco are more expensive – they can be as high as $35 per hour.
You will need to negotiate with caterers if you have hired them, or your drinks and food are prepared in-house by the venue. Many will provide a package that is low, moderate, or high-priced. You will find fewer options and more generic alcohol at lower prices. You will need to pay more for top-quality liquor and more options.
Your caterer will arrange for your bar to be open at the time of your event. The bar will be available during cocktail hour and closed for dinner. After dinner, the bar will be open until the close of the reception. A 4-hour service could start at 6:00 – 7:00 with cocktail hour. The bar will be closed for one hour while you eat dinner. From 8:00 to 11:00, the bar will reopen.

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